Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Starting Tuesday last week we began installing the show. Gee willikers there was a lot to do to make this happen. In fact there is still much to do in the form of gallery signage. But we made great progress with help from several people and all the art was installed as of 6 pm Friday. I estimate that collectively we put in over 100 hours. I know I was putting in long days--on Thursday I was there until after 1 AM because I was still hemming my last piece! (Famous last words--I will never procrastinate again)

The cherry picker at rest after hanging Fabienne's panels.
Laura Strand, head of textiles at SIUE, is the gallery director this semester. She is very knowledgeable about getting things on the wall properly. She took over as soon as Elizabeth and I determined what we wanted where. Gene S. head of maintenance was our certified cherry picker operator. Laura accompanied Gene on the 2 person machine as they hung brackets for the very long pieces, sometimes 11 feet up! (Sorry I had too much to do and didn't get photos of that). In all there were 16 such pieces to hang. Two of my pieces were an extra challenge as one of them was a triple rod bracket and both of them were mounted on a gently curved wall.

On Wednesday, Elizabeth had a free day away from her school duties to hang her own paper work. Suzy Farren (a fiber artist from Missouri) joined us to help along with Mary Jo Larson and her husband John Knowles of Alton. Suzy and Mary Jo had been going to take Fabienne's workshop and were giddy over getting to handle her work. Mary Jo did the majority of stitching Fabienne's scrolls to organza.  Very fine work!  She and John returned Thursday and Friday as well.  I am in awe of their generosity and the long days of help. John helped install much of the work that hangs on the moveable walls and came up with some genius ideas when we ran into problems.  He is a former architect and builder.

Above:  John Knowles, master of many things, patiently ripping out a complex zigzag hem on one of my pieces that was interfering with how the piece hung.

Here is a sneak peek that includes all five us in the shot. From left is Irit's eco printed shibori felt dress; an object rust print piece of Pat's on the tall wall; two of Rio's framed "core" silk rust and natural dye pieces; one of Fabienne's embroidered scrolls mounted on an organza panel and suspended between the two moveable walls; and finally Elizabeth's rust and walnut dyed hand made paper construction.

From the Inside Out at Art & Design West Gallery, SIUE c2014 Pat Vivod

You are all invited to see the rest of the show!
Dates:  August 18-22, 2014
Reception is August 22, 5 to 9 pm with gallery talk at 7 pm
Rio Wrenn will be joining at the reception and to teach a workshop on Aug 23 and 24 at SIUE

Art & Design West Gallery 
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
75 South Circle Drive
Edwardsville, IL  62026

Call SIUE for gallery hours if you wish to visit on weekdays which will vary because we have grad assistants and volunteers acting as docents.  

See you all on Friday!

PS:  Check out our sponsor page for some new additions!  MoFA just gave us a scholarship.  

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