Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Page Views top 18,000

Woo Hoo
I can't believe we've achieved this many page views.  Thanks to all who visit and read about the show.  The showcard is at the printers and as soon as it arrives, I'll post it here.  It's a beauty if I do say so myself.

We are getting might close--Rio's work will arrive Thursday.  All of Fabienne's work is here now.  Irit's has been here for awhile.  The stragglers are Elizabeth and me!  We've had so much else going on we've barely had time for our own work.  Elizabeth is already trekking to St. Louis to her school getting her classroom ready and going to meetings!  Neither of us may get much sleep in the next days, but the work will be done.  For me it's all about rod pocket hems now.

Installation is next week!

Patricia Vivod c2014 Detail- no title yet
This is a detail of one of my direct object rust pieces in progress last summer in the studio.  I made an edition on organza.  The piece will hang with two other layers.

You can see some of Elizabeth's progress on her Facebook page.  (see the sidebar)

If you have not paid a visit to our sponsor page, please do.  Without them this exhibition wouldn't be happening.  If you live in the region we hope you'll consider taking advantage of what our business sponsors offer.
Thank you to them all!

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