Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The art is arriving!

Yesterday Elizabeth and I opened a huge carton from Israel of Irit's felt and eco prints.  To see the work up close and in person is just thrilling.   Some of Fabienne's art has also arrived from The Netherlands.  Wow wow wow, we are getting excited.  Rio's work starts the journey from Portland, Oregon today.  Can't wait.  Now if Elizabeth and I can get our work done on time, we might just be able to participate, lol.  I'm just about done with the showcard.
So much to do…but where there is a will there is a way.
Here's a peek at a detail of Elizabeth's brand new rusted paper.

Elizabeth Adam-Marks c2014   DETAIL of rust print on handmade paper 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News from The Netherlands - Down to One Workshop for FTIO

Fabienne Rey cancels USA trip.
Fabienne Rey wrote to us on the evening of July 21 with very sad news and profound apologies that she is cancelling her 2014 trip to the USA, the Eco Prints and Memory Cloth workshops in Tennessee and Illinois, and her artist talk at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  This was a very difficult decision for Fabienne.  "For serious health issues in my family, I’m forced to put my commitments on hold for the time being as I'm much needed at home." – Fabienne Rey

Thank you for your understanding, 
Elizabeth Adams-Marks
Patricia Vivod
Co-curators of From the Inside Out 

From the Inside Out exhibition continues as planned!
We want to emphasize that From the Inside Out – Felt, Paper, Textiles: Revelations in Natural Mark Making will continue as planned at the Art and Design Gallery West, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville from August 18-September 21, 2014.  Fabienne’s gorgeous embroidery and eco-printed panels will continue to be part of this international exhibition that also includes: Irit Dulman of Israel; Rio Wrenn of Portland, Oregon; and curators Elizabeth Adams-Marks and Pat Vivod from Illinois.

Rio Wrenn’s workshop continues as planned!
The opening reception and artist talk by Rio Wrenn, and curators, Elizabeth and Pat, will be on Friday, August 22, 5 to 9 pm.  Rio’s workshop, Printing and Dyeing With Rust and Tannins, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 23 and 24 in the textile lab at SIUE.   We do have one opening is Rio’s workshop.  Please go to the SIUE site to register.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Rio Wrenn's workshop was full as of a few days ago, but just had a cancellation.  Her registration is handled through SIUE.  We want to fill that opening.  Please go the SIUE site to register.

Cindy at SIUE will be happy to put you on a wait list for Rio's workshop if it fills.  Don't hesitate to contact her.

Fabienne Rey's workshop is full once again--but I will start another wait list.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested at shiborirust[at]yahoo[dot]com

Monday, July 7, 2014

Update on Workshops

We have 4 openings left in Rio Wrenn's workshop on Dyeing and Printing with Rust and Tannins.  You can register online here.  Please email for a packet of complete information.  See below.

We have 3 openings in Fabienne Rey's workshop Eco-Prints and Memory Cloth I.  Registration is handled with Pat via check.

For complete workshop packet information on either workshop please email Pat at shiborirust[at]yahoo[dot]com

SIUE Art & Design East and West, the gallery is on the right  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Exciting News from SDA

Elizabeth Adams-Marks and I are thrilled to announce we've won a Surface Design Association Small Events Grant for our exhibit From the Inside Out.   The $500 grant is a welcome addition to our fund raising efforts for this show and will help pay for return shipping of art work and other expenses.  Woo hoo!

Thank you SDA for supporting our efforts.  It is greatly appreciated.  This has been a challenging show to organize and we are so happy to have been awarded this money.  Fund raising continues however because among the various expenses we anticipate, we are absolutely determined to create an exhibition catalog to top off the project.

Stay tuned for more news!   And check out our sponsor page!