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Tel Aviv, Israel

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The following text was written by Ori Drumer.

Irit Dulman, Tattoos
"Looking at Irit’s works - the colors, prints, textures and fabrics – one finds magic. It is everywhere: in the dyed felt, in objects that Irit designs and the natural dyes she produces herself. It is also present in the body movement of the women who wear her garments, the fabric textures, images and different times that are mixed into each other. History, memories, transparency and flexibility are all here. The fabrics are the delicate skin, the prints with leaf and root images are living body tattoos, the warm hues are the earth and the forests. The mind, dreamy delicacy and animal savagery all combine.

Irit Dulman, shibori felt dress with bark texture

Irit is like the alchemists of old. The dense fantasy in the fabrics she creates contains elements of air, water, earth and fire that blend together, and one could almost see primeval forest creatures, fairies and elves. As the eye rests on the textures and scans the fabric, one cannot help remembering fairy tales of earlier centuries, Tolkien’s fantasy worlds, fantasy literature and contemporary comics, gothic. As one’s gaze rests on woolen, silk and felt fabrics, a sense of erotic femininity and sexuality takes over in primal animalist seduction. Irit creates her fabric works out of natural materials. She produces the dyes from tree leaves, bark, roots and flowers. She studies the eucalyptus tree and it plays a central role in her work. From it she also produces the dyes which she prepares herself, using the leaves, flowers, buds and bark as patterns for the prints. Irit says that her study of the eucalyptus tree stems, first of all, “from my deep sympathy with it”, and from its presence in her homeland, Israel. The local landscape is rich with eucalyptus trees, in a variety of species. This tree was imported from Australia in the early 20th century and served the first Jewish settlers to drain the swamps and till the land.  For them it was the tree of life, a tree that immigrated to a land of immigrants, was acclimatized and fitted in. Irit’s own roots are in Eastern Europe as a daughter of an immigrant family, and this bond connects her to this particular tree that migrated to the Land of Israel and struck roots in the local earth. The colorful shape of its leaves, too, enables Irit to discover a whole world of images and associative sensations that connect her to the European culture from which her parents originated."

Irit Dulman, Felt dyed with Chrysanthemum Coronarium, Eucalyptus and Onion skin

Irit Dulman, Eucalyptus dyed felt dress

Note from Pat:  Irit has begun traveling and teaching workshops in felting and eco-dyeing.  We met through Facebook where there is a large network of fiber artists devoted to natural methods and materials and eco printing who have found inspiration in India Flint, another of the artists who will be in this show.  

Coincidently, Irit, Fabienne and I were recently invited by artist/author Wendy Feldberg of Canada to be part of an article included in the Summer 2013 issue of Fiber Art Now magazine.  You can see my post on it at Sentimental Pentimento.  It's a feast for the eyes and a great read.  Available in bookstores now nationwide and by subscription.  (Just Google the magazine, I won't post the link due to possible spam issues for this blog).

Irit Dulman, eucalyptus print detail

Irit and Fabienne met for the first time this spring.  Here they are in Fabienne's outdoor studio/garden about to unwrap a bundle.  Photo by Ingrid Garrod

Images and statement courtesy the artist.  Work shown here will not necessarily be exhibited in FTIO.


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