Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Absolutely Splendid Installation…a review of our show!

A peek into the gallery from the lobby at SIUE.  Our title is on the glass.

On the night of the opening reception of From the Inside Out I spoke with Sun Smith-Foreta practicing psychotherapist in St. Louis and a regional textile artist, who wrote a review for a show I curated in 201l.  She asked if we had anyone to write about this new show and I said YOU.  She has done us proud.   I'm happy to share with you Sun's reaction to From the Inside Out.  It makes my heart sing.  

Visit Art Saint Louis / Art Dialogue to read and feast your eyes on some more images from the show.   Many thanks to Sun for writing it and also to Robin Hirsch, Artistic Director of Art Saint Louis for getting the review up on the blog so quickly.  

From the Inside Out is open one more week and ends Sunday, Sept. 21.  Regular hours are 10-2 M-F, but Pat will be at the gallery to keep it open later Friday afternoon Sept 12.  And we will open the gallery on Saturday, Sept 13 from noon to 2.  Please visit!

If you wish a personal tour, contact Pat at shiborirust[at]yahoo[dot]com.  

Things will be hopping for sure next week with some out of state visitors. 
Don't miss your chance to see this show in person.  It truly is a stunner.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gallery Hours

Regular gallery hours are 10 to 2  on Monday through Friday. 

One or two days a week the gallery actually opens earlier.
It all depends on whether a grad student docent is available.  

If you are coming for a visit, PLEASE first verify the hours by calling the SIUE art office at 650-3183.

If you want a personal tour or a different time frame to see the show, please private message Pat Vivod Artist on Facebook or email her at shiborirust[at]yahoo[dot]com a couple days in advance and give Pat a chance to arrange her schedule to meet you at the gallery.  (She is not available this coming Thursday, Sept 11)

Elizabeth and Pat both will be at the gallery on Friday afternoon September 12 for a tour which will go beyond regular closing hour.  You are welcome to join our other visitors.  We will also be at the gallery on Saturday afternoon September 13 from noon to at least 2, perhaps beyond, for another tour.  Please join us if you are able. 

Stay tuned for last minute updates as we get close to the end of the exhibit which closes on September 21.  

We hope you'll come see the show--it's a doozy!

Installation challenge

This perhaps confusing image is one of Fabienne's embroidered scrolls as it lay on a dye splattered drop cloth from the textile lab. We were stitching it to the organza panel on which the work was eventually displayed in the gallery.  Five such scrolls had to be stitched--4 to hang through out the gallery and one arranged on a light table. The organza is so transparent you might not even notice it in the photo. The plastic ruler kept the needle from catching the padded surface below and made stitching much easier.  The organza panels gave the scrolls a stronger presence in the gallery.