Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grand Opening

Though From the Inside Out was open all of last week, the reception was held on Friday August 22.  David Vivod, Pat's husband got some nice pictures of our gathering.

Friends and relatives wanted the scoop on this piece to the left.
Ginny French (center) and her husband drove over 2 hours and 130 miles from Fairfield, Illinois to see the show.  I am genetically incapable of telling a short story and cannot talk without my hands getting actively involved.
My nieces and great nephew came to the show.  From left, Mindy Roy, Karen and Ethan Neathery.
My big sis Margaret Kersey and daughter Mindy.
My big brother Bill Johnson, Margaret and me in front of one of my pieces.
Peter Marks, Elizabeth's husband in foreground and Elizabeth in pink and white in center.
Fabulous food for the reception was brought by Linda Miller, Mary Hammett, Mary Jo Larson, Sharon Bean, Rio Wrenn and Pat. We had JUST enough to last all evening.  Thanks everyone!

Sarah Gillespie and friends in the gallery. Sarah just had her thesis show in this gallery a few months ago.
Elizabeth is explaining her handmade paper work to a group.
Long shot of the gallery. We were so pleased with the turn out for the reception.
My dear friends Mary Hammett and Sue and Rich Gaynor from St. Louis drove over. I taught with Mary and Rich for nearly two decades at Notre Dame High School in South St. Louis before I entered grad school.
Two of my favorite Notre Dame girls--both art students all four years of high school. From left Stacey (Cox) Shaw and Katie Schmieder. Love them both and so glad they came. It brought me to tears when I saw them.

The no food in the gallery policy is great to protect our delicate fibers work, but that means the nibbling crowd has to stay in the lobby. We had lots of people all through the evening visiting the gallery.
MoFA member Shirley Nachtrieb came on the first day the show was open and back again on Friday for the reception.  Lots of Missouri Fiber Artist members attended the reception and several also took Rio's workshop.  MoFA awarded us a generous scholarship.  
I think I shall have to get some lace for my next opening so I fit in.  Rio, Elizabeth and I are standing in front of one of EAM's handmade paper pieces.  Rio flew in on Wednesday afternoon.  On Saturday and Sunday she taught a workshop in the textile lab and flew out on Monday…not nearly enough time to get in a good visit.  Come back!  Come back!  We loved having you here.

I took some pictures just after installation when I was alone in the gallery. This is what you see from the entrance of the gallery.

Long view of gallery looking north to the alcoves where we could display on both sides of the moveable walls. We found a way to arrange walls and retain the openness of the gallery.

I would like to remind everyone that Elizabeth and I are in the midst of planning a catalog of the exhibition.  There is lots to do for that--and we need a few days of relaxation first.  We will announce with grand fanfare when the catalog is ready.  In the meantime we hope these sneak peeks keep you satisfied.

For those that live in the region or wish to drive to the show we welcome your visits!
Regular gallery hours are 10-2 Monday through Friday.  Please call the art office at SIUE to check the schedule as it might vary depending on volunteers.  618-650-3071.

I will be there some days.  If you wish to arrange a private tour at some other time, I'd be happy to arrange if I can.  Please message me at Pat Vivod Artist on Facebook or email me at shiborirust[at]yahoo[dot]com.


  1. Breathtaking. Can't wait to see it in person. Congrats to you both!

  2. Congratulations, looks like a wonderful show! Looking forward to the catalog as I'm not able to attend in person to see this beautiful work.

  3. Fantastic show! I'll have to go back and see it again (and again).

  4. Love the idea of a catalog since I can't visit. Some detail shots would be great.