Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's celebrate! Catalog is now available!!

The long wait is finally over!
I thank you for your patience.

The exhibition catalog for
From the Inside Out
Felt, Paper, Textiles: Revelations in Natural Mark Making
is finally complete!

I've seen the book digitally and in a test print copy and, 
pardon my vanity, but it is a thing of beauty!  
Here is the front cover of the book.  

The 100 page book is available online in softcover and two hard cover versions, plus PDF which is viewable on most platforms 
and an ebook version that will work on macs or iPads and smart phones. You can purchase the book at: 

This is a comprehensive catalog of “From the Inside Out – Felt, Paper, Textiles: Revelations in Natural Mark Making” an international art exhibition two years in the making that Elizabeth Adams-Marks (USA) and I curated.  Joining us in the exhibition were Irit Dulman (Israel), Fabienne Rey (The Netherlands), and Rio Wrenn (USA.  All five artists share a devotion to ecological and sustainable ways of working. Elizabeth and I have been friends for over a decade and 8 mile neighbors in Madison County, Illinois, we curated the show and created the catalog as a team.  We are alumnae of SIUE, both art teachers (me formerly) who actively exhibit and have work in public and private collections.  We were thrilled to curate and participate in From the Inside out.

All 52 works of art are included in the book, full color, high definition photos were used.  There are many close ups of works, and some great enlargements.  The book is an 8x10 landscape format.  Every picture has a detailed caption.  All artist statements are included as well as a curatorial statement and addition conmmentary by each artist.  

Some info about Blurb and our book:
Blurb is a print on demand service.  They accept major credit cards and Paypal and will ship just about anywhere in the world.  Go check it out.  

NOTE:  If you are familiar with blurb, you'll notice the FTIO book is treated as two separate books.  That's because the ebook version had to be uploaded separately from the print version because the file was so large - something like 1.7 GB!   

So there are two book thumbnails and 2 descriptions.  The print version has a custom preview set up and the ebook shows the first 30% of the book.  The print version will show front and back of book and something from each artist.  The ebook preview shows the beginning third of book and you'll see only one artist in that section.    

You can search for the book by title From the Inside Out, or by either my or Elizabeth's names.   Although if you can't find the ebook, then seach via the ebook category. 

The print versions of the book are all essentially the same but come with different covers.    The soft cover and image wrap hardbound versions have the cover photos printed directly on the cover.  The dust jacket hard cover version has a plain black cover under the dust jacket.  Please note that if you purchase the PDF version, you will want to set it to view in two pages if possible because I designed the book with several large photos that jump the gutter. You should see them in all their glory.  The ebook version is already in 2 page format, unless you are viewing on your mobile phone.  

I must add that Blurb has been a wonderful platform on which to work.  They provide the software and easy to use templates that allow for creative customization, and the support if you need it -- all free of charge.  You can take as long as you want to complete the project, although you might need to install updates to the software. When the upload is complete, you can place an order at the base price or set a profit margin.  The books can be shipped practically anywhere in the world...a list of international options can be found on the site.  You can also arrange to have your book sold through Amazon or the iBooks.  

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