Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Update on the FTIO exhibition catalog

I am ridiculously overdue in explaining the delay in finishing the catalog.

I have my fingers in so many pies this year--making new work and preparing for 5 shows this fall, one of which I am curating, plus another major project involving my art and one small one have taken over my life and put the catalog on temporary hold.

On top of all of that my big desktop computer on which the catalog is being created has decided it doesn't want to work properly anymore.  Some really strange things have been happening.  Never fear--the catalog is archived on a separate drive and available when I am ready to resume the proofreading and a few corrections that are still to be made.  It is very close to being finished.

My sincere apologies for the long wait.
I WILL finish the catalog.  And I will keep you posted on when it is going to be published.

Thank you for your patience!

Here's a preview gallery shot…

A glimpse of one of Fabienne's 12 eco printed panels on the left, Rio's large silk circle on the far wall, Irit's tree bark felted piece on the near wall, and Fabienne's embroidered eco print on the right.

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