Thursday, December 11, 2014

Catalog Update!

Irit Dulman eco printed shibori felt dress,
one of the icons from the exhibit.
You all must think we dropped off the face of the earth! Here's a confession. Creating From the Inside Out took 2 years and frankly, when the show came down and everything was packed up to send back to the artists, I felt I deserved a little rest. (Elizabeth doesn't get any rest--she's a middle school art teacher with a demanding schedule to contend with plus students (probably) jumping out of their skins in anticipation of the coming holidays.) But I assure you that the catalog is well underway! Elizabeth and I have consulted several times and will continue to do so. 

It took awhile, but we wrote one heck of an intro. We've got gorgeous photos. Sometimes I get caught up in just staring at them, conjuring memories of the exhibition. Blurb is easy to work with, but once in a while I hit a little snag. For example, last evening, suddenly any picture I tried to upload was declared corrupt. So all was saved and the program was shut down to rest. Then everything began working like a charm again and, for those who know me well, I worked LONG into the wee hours.

This morning, however was a different story. When I tried to find the book file and open it, it wasn't where it was supposed to be. And when I did find it, several pages that were created last night were gone. GRRRR! (I know what you are thinking!  I did SAVE it!)  Hopefully it won't take too long to bring it up to date again. Wish me lots of luck! I hope the catalog can be finished soon!

Peace and Best wishes to all of you!



  1. Wonderfull, greeting from Mons city in Belgium
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  2. The catalog is on temporary hold until I can get my other ducks in a row. Lots of shows this fall to contend with and also computer problems where the catalog is being designed. But it WILL be finished and I will shout the announcement from the rooftops and bells will ring!