Sunday, October 5, 2014

Down and Out the Door

From the Inside Out came down in about 5 hours on September 22. Amazing how fast the de-install was compared to the over 100 collective hours to get it up on the walls.  Many thanks to Mary Jo Larson and John Knowles for helping again. 

In the meantime, the moveable walls have been rearranged and a new exhibition is being installed this week at SIUE. I'm anxious to see the new show, but it was disconcerting to see the gallery changed after spending so much time contemplating FTIO in the space.   

After spending a week on packing, I didn't want any help with the task, I took Fabienne's work to Fed Ex which, for a hefty price, did a fine job of shooting it across the pond and into Fabienne's hands in under 48 hours. Wow that was fast.  Rio's will go a bit slower, by ground with UPS. But I learned something new. Fed Ex was not going to accept one of Fab's boxes because I'd wrapped it in heavy paper to cover all the logos on a reused box from a retailer. But the clerk finally relented after I wound tape around it from one end to the other. He even supplied the tape free of charge. Of course the revelation that paper is not allowed sent me back to SIUE the next day to rethink one of Rio's boxes. I ripped the paper off her pieced together box and wrapped the entire thing in another layer of cardboard to strengthen it. I must say it was not an easy task single handed, but at 72" long (with her rods inside) I didn't want the box to suffer getting bent. It was handy too that the art supply cage at SIUE sells 4x8 sheets of cardboard!

Now, finally, I can give my full attention to the making of the catalog.  Stay tuned...

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